Survey Says Creativity Is King

The top quality for successfully navigating an increasingly uncertain, complex and interconnected world is creativity, according to more than 1500 global business leaders who shared their views as part of the fourth IBM Global CEO Study.

These CEOs ranked creativity as the top leadership competency over management discipline, rigor, integrity or vision. At the same time, fewer than half of the CEOs in the study believe their businesses are well prepared to handle the rapid changes in today’s turbulent business environment.

Creative Leaders Needed

Succeeding in an interconnected world

The economic downturn that began in 2007 has only accelerated the rate of transformation of many industries — think newspapers, magazines, books or financial services. The study showed that top performing organizations based on revenue and profit performance during the past five years have these attributes:

  • They respond to changes swiftly.
  • They make close connections with customers their top strategic priority.
  • They expect to capture more than 20 percent of future revenue from new sources.

Said Frank Kern, senior vice president of IBM Global Business Services, “But step back and think about it, and this is entirely consistent with the other top finding in our Study — that the biggest challenge facing enterprises from here on will be the accelerating complexity and the velocity of a world that is operating as a massively interconnected system.”

How are you adapting your business to accelerating change?


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2 Responses to Survey Says Creativity Is King

  1. kreaty says:

    I would add management of creative people to the biggest challenges ID’d by the CEO’s. It is a long shot from recognizing the value of results of creative process to understanding and valuing the creative personality and thought manner behind that leadership. Just look at the teaching profession, the seed bed for research on creativity, to see an example of not practicing what you teach.

  2. Thank you for your visit and valuable feedback — that’s a great topic of discussion.

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