Could a Change to LinkedIn Affect Your Business?

LinkedIn ChocolatesLast week, Twitter announced the introduction of political advertising to leverage its platform. This week, LinkedIn unveiled plans for a major advertising push, according to a report in Adweek by Ki Mae Heussner.

Is this announcement a signal for brands to concentrate on building a follower base to take advantage of targeted advertising opportunities on LinkedIn later? It appears so.

Because the platform’s users typically follow a small number of brands, it is less costly to attract them now rather than luring them later when they may be following a rival brand.

“We believe there is a finite number of brands that any single LinkedIn member will follow,” Mike Gamson, SVP of sales, told Adweek.

Naturally, Gamson, who will emphasize LinkedIn’s follower feature at the upcoming Advertising Week in New York, highlights the potential of LinkedIn for targeted display advertising.

What differentiates LinkedIn from other platforms? With 140 million members worldwide, LinkedIn attracts well-educated, affluent professionals — an appealing niche for many brands, including financial services, travel and other business services.

Content opportunity
But advertising is not the only route to create awareness of your brand on LinkedIn. Another opportunity comes through developing content that your connections can share with their networks. See the “From Your Connections” content aggregation and curation section of LinkedIn Today for examples of this.

Do you think content sharing has more potential for a business than advertising on LinkedIn? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Special thanks to Nan Palmero for the great photo via Flickr.


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