Should Your Business Avoid Social Media?

People Whirl Amusement ParkIf you haven’t analyzed how social media tools can advance your business goals, jumping in may not be right for you — at least yet.

Although social media are increasingly important tools for businesses, it’s important to have a strategy before you start. Otherwise, keeping on top of your efforts can leave you overwhelmed and spinning aimlessly.

Instead, consider: How will Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help you reach your goals? What resources are available to manage your digital and traditional communication programs?

The Los Angeles Times, in a feature article by Ina Paiva Cordle, recently highlighted
the approaches small businesses are taking to incorporating social media into their marketing programs and their inspiring stories of success.

The report includes a compelling statistic from EMarketers: 80 percent of leading companies will participate in social media marketing in 2011, nearly double the number from three years ago.

Among those joining the boom, per the article:

  • Dede Parise, a new entrepreneur, who grew her audience on Facebook.
  • Kelly Lyles, an inventor, who cross promotes on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Valerie Holstein, the CEO of a cable management company, who focuses on social media tools for creating conversations and providing solutions to customer problems.

“Social media is not going to save your business if you don’t have a good product or a good business plan. But it can supplement in a good way, what you are doing,” said Jillian Tobias, a senior account executive at Boardroom Communications, in the article.

Why is your company using social media?

Thanks to joiseyshowaa for the great photo via Flickr.

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2 Responses to Should Your Business Avoid Social Media?

  1. lbstrang says:

    I’d say just about any business, whether it’s a small company or a major corporation, can benefit from using social media to monitor customer comments — both positive and negative.

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