Tweeting the Big Game

Sunday’s big game gave viewers a lot to Tweet about — the action on the field,
the half-time entertainment and the sometimes-memorable ads.

According to the micro-blogging service:

This compares to a peak of 4,046 Tweets per second during last year’s Super Bowl. It appears that 2012 is shaping up to be what Lucas Shaw of The Wrap called “must-Tweet-TV.”

What’s the appeal of a dual-screen experience? “Integrating social media from viewers following along with computers and smartphones fosters greater engagement while also broadening the audience for programming,” writes Shaw. He also notes that by gathering consumer data, networks can better target advertisers.

Twitter fun facts

  • Users send 250,000,000 Tweets per day. (Source: Twitter)
  • The service has 100,000,000+ users (Source: Twitter)
  • In February 2009, Twitter had slightly more than 7 million registered users. (Source: Nielsen)
  • Each Tweet contains a maximum of 140 characters. Tipsters recommend shorter Tweets to make a ReTweet easy.
  • At the top of the most-followed users list are Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. (Source: Twitaholic)
  • With more than 12 million followers, President Obama ranks No. 8 on the most-followed list but is the first non-entertainer to trend. An early adopter, President Obama started Tweeting five years ago. (Source: Twitaholic)
  • In January 2012, as the presidential election year began, First Lady Michele Obama hopped on the Twitter bandwagon. Although her @michelleobama account is managed by campaign staff, if you see “mo” added, you’ll know she herself has sent the Tweet.
  • Teens are increasing their use of Twitter. Sixteen percent of those ages 12 to 17 say they use Twitter. Two years earlier, that percentage was just eight percent. (Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project.)

Now it’s your turn. Do you use Twitter? Do you Tweet while watching TV?

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2 Responses to Tweeting the Big Game

  1. lbstrang says:

    Amazing statistics! Yes, I use Twitter but not while I’m watching TV. When I get to sit down and enjoy a television program, I prefer to give it my full attention.

  2. I have started to search Twitter comments while watching certain shows — it’s interesting to see what other viewers are thinking. On the other hand, Downton Abbey gets my full attention. : ) No Tweets allowed.

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