Interested in Media? Here’s an Interactive Map to Bookmark

Wordle CloudAre you a news junkie? If so, you probably know a thing or two about the top U.S. media outlets.

Now, there’s a chance to learn even more about your favorites.

The researchers at Bitly, a URL shortener service, have studied frequently clicked links and the media source behind the link to understand how people use the Internet.

Then, working with Forbes, they took a look at who is visiting top news sites and reading specific articles by state.

The result is a fascinating interactive map that the researchers and Forbes intend to update on the first of each month.

Below the surface
Here are a few things that I noted as I clicked on the map:

As you’d expect, the Seattle Times predominates with readers in Washington state.

Similarly, the Chicago Tribune has its major readership in Illinois and neighboring Indiana.

But data is also available for individual stories at each top media outlet. It provides additional, and sometimes unexpected, insight.

For example, when you drill down to the statistics underlying the Tribune’s story “Coors Light Surpasses Budweiser as No. 2 U.S. Beer,” you notice the story was a big hit not with the locals but with readers in South Dakota.

Drill down further and you’ll note that while most readers came from the U.S., there were also readers from Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Finland.

On the other hand, the attention-grabbing title “Bees with Machine Guns!” sourced from the Tribune’s New Apps blog pulled its largest number of readers from California. No surprise there, since the subject is technology — a big industry in California.

Take a look at the Forbes media map to learn more about your own national and regional favorites.

Now it’s your turn to comment. Did you find any surprises as you toured the interactive media map?

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