Leadership Study Reveals Insights for Building Credibility and Presence

Trustworthiness Tops the List of Leadership AttributesBusiness executives ranked highest as leaders and communicators in a recent survey by global communications firm Ketchum.

Participants in the 12-country survey said this group was more effective than non-profit leaders, politicians and religious leaders.

Yet, despite an improvement from a year ago, it’s too soon for the C-suite to celebrate. Continue reading

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New Study Shows PR in Transition from Old School to New School

GAPWhether it’s more focus on measurement or a broadening of the functions included in PR and Communications departments, the practice of public relations continues to evolve.

Since 2002, the USC Annenberg Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center has tracked that evolution in its Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) study.

This year’s GAP report — the Center’s seventh — provides a wealth of information shared by senior communicators from U.S. corporations, government agencies and non-profits. With data gathered during the fourth quarter of 2011, it’s a current source for benchmarking your own company’s programs and budgets, as well as staying on top of emerging trends.  Continue reading

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Does the Trend Toward Digital Paywalls Affect You?

Quebec WallAlthough The Wall Street Journal offers some free content, it launched its digital edition in the mid-90s with a paid subscription model.

As of September 2011*, more than 537,000 readers were paying for online access, with 80,000 of these accessing content through tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

Other news organizations may not offer the specialized business information that some characterize as key to The Wall Street Journal’s ability to charge for content, but more of these outlets have also migrated to, or are considering, the paywall model. Continue reading

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Texting Ranks No. 1 Among Teens’ Daily Communication Choices

Blue Smart Phone

© Marish | Dreamstime.com

Think the teens you know are less communicative lately?

Research just released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project proves otherwise.

Although it’s true that teens are spending less time on phone calls than before, their use of texting as a preferred communication method has risen.

In fact, 75 percent of teens ages 12 to 17 send and receive text messages. Not surprisingly, older teens — those ages 14 to 17 — account for the majority of this usage. Continue reading

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How to Increase Your Creativity Quotient

Lightbulb in HandJournalist Jonah Lehrer previewed his new book “Imagine: How Creativity Works” in the March 9 edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Whether it was the author’s encouraging tone or his myth-breaking stance about who really fits the creative profile, the article ranked among the newspaper’s most popular of the weekend.

Lehrer believes that all of us — not only the superstars — have the gift of creativity. And the good news gets even better — he observes that our creative abilities aren’t fixed. We can improve our creative quotient by understanding how the brain works. Continue reading

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The Not-So-Secret Life of Generation Connected

Blue architecture viewWhile listening to a radio program early this week, I heard a professor say she encouraged her students to bring laptops to class to take notes. The challenge for educators, she pointed out, was the potential for distraction.

“More than 50 percent are likely checking Facebook during the lecture,” she said. Then, reflecting on her experience, she quickly amended the number. “It may be three-quarters or 100 percent.”  Continue reading

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How to Really Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

ApplauseToday, the first Friday in March, we honor the contributions of employees to business success.

Established by Recognition Professionals International in 1995, Employee Appreciation Day gives employers a chance to recognize and reward staffers who bring their loyalty, commitment and motivation to the workplace.

There’s no question that engaged employees make a difference in whether a company achieves its goals and outperforms its competitors. Research leader Gallup has found that increasing employee engagement “correlates directly with a positive impact on key business metrics.” Continue reading

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​What “The Artist” Can Teach Us about Communications

We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces.
Norma Desmond
Sunset Boulevard

The Artist in The TubeLater today, I’ll be among millions worldwide watching the 84th annual Academy Awards. Although surprises do happen, this year’s favorite for best picture is director Michel Hazanavicius’s homage to silent film, “The Artist.”

It features an international cast perfectly suited to their roles — each is blessed with an interesting, attractive, expressive face. Capitalizing on their ability to showcase a wide range of emotions non-verbally, the actors tell the story of Hollywood’s transition from silent film to talkies. Continue reading

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A Communications Resource and Eight Tips for Memorable Leadership

QuoteIf you write, present or simply seek inspiration from thought leaders, you may be interested in a new resource from TED. The team behind “ideas worth spreading” has collected memorable quotes from its presenters in categories that include business, creativity, education, self-discovery, the arts and more.

In addition to being a helpful research tool when you want a contemporary quote, the site allows you to share your finds by email, Facebook or Twitter. When you share, a link brings your followers back to the original presentation. They can opt to watch the full presentation or start the video where the quote begins. Search quotes here. Continue reading

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Can Internal Social Media Power Your Organization to Better Results?

Social Media Concept

© Pressureua | Dreamstime.com

Do you factor workplace access to social media into your career decisions?

A number of young professionals do. Cisco’s second annual Connected World Technology Report surveyed college students and workers under 30 in 14 countries. Reflecting their status as digital natives, participants said the ability to access social media, mobile devices and the Internet at work would at times trump a job offer with higher pay but without the technology benefits.  Continue reading

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